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Three kuta product center
Product display
CJW-4000 Series magnetic particle inspection machine
CDG-2000DMagnetic particle inspection machine
The crankshaft special magnetic particle inspection machine
CXG-5000Vertical ring a special magnetic particle inspection machine
CTE-12000Ac\/dc type microcomputer control fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine
LYN-1Magnetic suspension type composite fluorescence mother liquor
CDG-2000Ac fluorescent magnetic particle inspection machine
CDX-2Type cross coil magnetic particle inspection machine
CJW-3000Type Ring chain magnetic particle inspection machine
Why do you choose
Three kuta testing machine
Excellent equipment
With reference to the United StatesMIL、GermanyDINSuch as the standard
Strong technology
Technical performance to achieve good level of similar products
Widely used
Applied in the air、Space、Railway、Automotive and other fields
Quality assurance
The whole country"Quality、The prestige double safeguard demonstration unit"
The variety is complete
Developed more than ten kind of more than seventy varieties of magnetic particle detection device
After-sale protection
Perfect after-sales service and marketing service system
Company profile
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  Reflected three kuta testing machine co., LTD is in the original"Sheyang county wireless power plant"Organized on the basis of reform of trade and the integration of the joint venture,Are professional manufacturer of magnetic particle inspection equipment。
  Over the years,The social people from all walks of life care,Companies to long-term development,Has the fixed asset200More than ten thousand yuan,Has the abundant technical force and perfect production testing equipment。The existing engineering and technical personnel20Many people,Senior engineer3People,Engineer9People,Have strong ability of new product development。Products using computer-aided design,The executionJB/T8290-1998《Magnetic particle inspection machine》Standard,And with reference to adopt the United StatesMILGermanyDINSuch as the standard。Has developed more than ten kind of more than seventy varieties of magnetic particle detection device,Technical performance reached the standard level of similar products......Magnetic particle inspection machine
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The dynamic of the industry
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 Magnetic particle inspection machine of two general forms of magnetization direction
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Three kuta testing machine co., LTD., specializing in the production of reflected light Magnetic particle inspection machineMagnetic powder flaw detectorDemagnetization machine automaticallyIn the attachment、Consumable materialsFluorescent penetrating lineAnd other products,Welcome new and old customers to inquire。
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