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  大菠萝棋牌_大菠萝棋牌下载_大菠萝棋牌【官网】Was founded2001Years4Month,Is a national high and new technology enterprise。In the company2009Years10Month,As the gem in China's first successful listing on the shenzhen stock exchange listed company,Stock code:300023 大菠萝棋牌Shares。 大菠萝棋牌Stick to it“大菠萝棋牌Technical services in the world”The management idea,Has successfully developed the nine“China's first set”。One of the most impressive is the world's first12000Electric control system of drilling rig,The project by the member of both houses of the selection2007Years“China's top ten news science and technology progress”Is the second,And in2011Won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress in。
Oil equipment
  大菠萝棋牌Adopting modularity、Standardized design concept for the oil industry made the hundred sets of control system design...
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2019-07-04Big pineapple board download let north shenzhen is no longer the beauty who preferred place of employment
2019-07-01When selecting suppliers or big pineapple chess website apple on the manufacturers in China
2019-06-27Big pineapple chess website to make personnel23In the morning6Point to make the final preparation
2019-06-27Big pineapple board quickly will cooperate with yongsheng, characteristic agricultural products sales this great article
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2019-06-22Big pineapple board download to build into a is suitable for the development of construction machinery‘Many kinds of differentiation small batch high-end’The characteristics of intelligent factory
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2019-06-18Thank a gentleman to big pineapple chess website passengers to the airport later than expected time
2019-1-31“Fu can move forward,Dream2019”The activities smoothly
2018-12-20【大菠萝棋牌】Physical examination to send warmth,Service staff
2018-12-6【大菠萝棋牌】To study the constitution Carry forward the spirit of the constitution
2018-11-30Level 3 safety production standardization review replacement work smoothly
2018-11-20【大菠萝棋牌】“Fire safety campaigns”As scheduled
2018-10-30Pro mountain near water,Experience the Buddha culture
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