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    Pure al electronic technology co., LTD is located in yichang"The world's water and electricity"----Yichang of hubei province,Founded in yichang national hi-tech industrial development zone,Is a focus on crane safety protection、Research in the field of automatic monitoring and control, etc、Development、Production and sales of high-tech enterprises,The company has advanced production technology and perfect testing means,Has a group of highly educated professional senior high quality research and development personnel and discipline leaders,Develop a batch of frontier in line with international standards in industry,High precision products with independent intellectual property rights。【For details】
Torque limiter industry comparative analysis of market development and the investment risk and marketing at home and abroad
   The first chapter Torque limiter product overview in the first quarter Product definition in the second quarter The purpose of the third quarter Torque limiter characteristic analysis of the market、Product characteristics、Characteristics of the three price、……[In more detail]
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